Website Construction

Wow website design is tough! After almost 6 months of using Squarespace to host my website I decided to step up my game and work on a new professional website and man it was a bigger job than I thought it would be! So far I’m really happy with the results and the new website is looking 10 times better than before without a doubt, but not without a few struggles along the way.After nearly finishing the first draft of the site my inexperience in database management kicked in and I lost 30+ hours of hard work in seconds! I think I finally have the hang of it now but its still a work in progress. Every time I think I’m just about finished I find another bug or issue that has to be worked out. Luckily despite the issues I’ve found that website design has really gotten my creative juices flowing and I’ve been having fun playing page error whack a mole!

I have also just finished designing the new logo which I’m actually pretty proud of, even though I’m no graphic designer. It was my first experience using Adobe Illustrator which as some people may know can be a bit overwhelming with all the features. I designed several versions and the one you see at the top of the site seemed to get the best response from those I asked.  I plan to add a few more pages and get some additional pictures posted and with any luck my website renovations will be done by the end of the week, then I will just need to go have a good profile picture taken!

If you are reading this during construction I apologize for the inconvenience and missing content but I think everyone will love the new design! I know I’m excited!