6 Reasons Why Couples Are Choosing To Have Their Wedding Filmed!

Picture this:

It’s been 30 years since your amazing wedding day, and your daughter, who is planning her own wedding, begins to ask you questions about what your wedding was like. You could sit her down and flip through pictures while you try to remember all the details, or you could show her the film of your wedding day and let her experience it for herself!

Your videographer will capture every detail of your wedding day. From the shimmering tear trickling down your partner’s cheek, to the sudden hush as you take everyone’s breath away when they see you for the first time at the end of the aisle, it will all be there.

Videography has come a long way from your dad’s camcorder to impressive professional cinematography. Professional filmmakers are dedicated to capturing every element of your wedding day to give you a new and immersive way to relive the magic of one of the happiest days of your life.

One of the biggest regrets I hear from couples, especially around anniversary time, is that they don’t have a film of their wedding to watch together to remind them of the special words and commitments that were made on their special day.

1. It’s a Memory Booster

Your wedding film will help you remember every detail of your special day, from the romantic first look, to the funny, unexpected things that happened. Sometimes capturing those little unplanned moments are priceless!

2. You’ll See Little Things that you Missed

Being the center of attention for the day means that everyone is looking at you, but you can’t possibly see everything that is going on. A videographer can capture the emotions and body language of your guests at key moments of your ceremony and yes, even the shenanigans your guests may get into at the reception! You will also see things like your partner getting ready, reading a letter from you, your bridesmaids and flower girls walking down the aisle, and your guests having fun on the dance floor!

3. It Creates a Time Capsule

Life is a fragile thing, and the ability to capture the voices, mannerisms, and the way our loved ones celebrate in times of joy is a wonderful gift. To have a videographer at your wedding creates a time capsule of the ones you love that you can cherish forever and hand down to future generations.

4. You Can Share with Anyone

Do you have friends or family who can’t be with you on your wedding day? You can link them a copy of your wedding film. You can also share with your children and grandchildren long into the future. Your videographer can create a short highlight film to share on social media or offer links to longer films that you can email anywhere in the world to be watched on YouTube or Vimeo.

5. Gives You Time to Reflect

You spend months planning your wedding day, and it all seems to fly by in what feels like minutes. Most brides look back on their special day and it’s all a blur. A wedding film allows you to take the time to sit down once the dust has settled and really enjoy the amazing day you created. You’ll want to remember all the details you spent so much time carefully choosing and the fun you had doing it!

6. You’ll Star in Your Own Movie

A videographer does so much more than just capturing raw footage and presenting you with a DVD. They meticulously edit all the hours they have captured, often from multiple cameras and angles, cutting together the best audio from your vows and speeches, and setting it all to the perfect music. For every hour your videographer spends shooting your wedding day at least four hours are spent in editing. The result is a movie-like experience, where the story of your wedding is told from start to finish in a way that will tug at your heart the whole time!